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Imported Chinese Shubunkin For Sale

Imported Chinese Shubunkin

Starting on Monday, July 9th will be your chance to purchase some extremely high quality 6 to 8 inch Shubunkin Goldfish, imported from China. Hand-picked and selectively bred for their amazing colors and patterns, these Shubunkins display bright, vibrant reds and oranges combined with a deep, lacquer-like black. Overall, these Imported Shubunkin are much higher in quality than your average pond Shubunkin.

Check out the pictures below for a better idea.

Live Imported Chinese Shubunkin Goldfish

These Shubunkin will be available to ship beginning Monday, July 9th. Contact us with any questions, or to place your order!

Jul. 08 - 2012

Will you have any blue shubunkins?

    Jul. 09 - 2012

    The only Shubunkin that we have now are the Imported Shubunkin, which may include some blue ones. Thanks.

Nov. 04 - 2012

I wish you had these amazing fish for individual sale!

Jan. 16 - 2013

looking for some small shubunkin can you help 2″to 3″ ones .

Feb. 01 - 2013

Robert back to you ,Any problems sending to western australia aaaapls cost of shipping

    Feb. 08 - 2013

    Hi Robert,
    I’m sorry, but we cannot ship to Western Australia.

Apr. 18 - 2013

Do you only sell to dealers

Apr. 19 - 2013

Yes, Blue Ridge only sells to dealers. However, if you are interested in purchasing Imported Chinese Shubunkin, I believe that has some for sale online.

Reverend Darryl
Sep. 01 - 2013

I would like to order 3 inch shubunkins as good as you have pictured, [no blue] I own D&D Garden Ponds & Supplies we import from japan high quality koi as breeders in our koi pond, our pond is a acre and a half, and our other pond is 30 x 80 x 6 for gold fish, only wakin are in it now we would like to put in you high quality shubunkins to breed with the wakin to produce calico wakin. I would like 20 3 inch shubunkins and 20 red and black, dark red and dark black, we only carry high quality fish and want to keep it that way, you should understand high quality demands high price, we only sell young up to 4 inch, 6 plus we hold back for breeders, nice chating with you, RSVP Reverend Darryl e-me at God Bless

Reverend Darryl
Sep. 01 - 2013

you can see my ponds I build on craigs list under [we install garden ponds] take a look we go for the all natural look,

Mar. 07 - 2014

How much each?

Feb. 20 - 2015

Can u deliver me at least 3 blue shubunkins

    Casey LeFever
    Feb. 22 - 2015

    No, sorry, we do not sell directly to the public. If you are interested in purchasing Shubunkin, I would suggeset you check


Apr. 11 - 2016

I’m looking for butterfly shubunkin, do they exist?

    Casey LeFever
    Apr. 11 - 2016

    Yes, it is actually quite common to find Shubunkin with long tails. They typically don’t have long pectoral fins though, just tails.

Mar. 12 - 2017

Is this site still operating and selling these beautiful fancy shubunkins!?

    Casey LeFever
    Mar. 12 - 2017

    Imported Shubunkin are not currently available. If you are a dealer, or you own or represent a business with the need for Koi and Goldfish to resell, we encourage you to apply for a Dealer Account or contact our office.

    Otherwise, you are not eligible to purchase from Blue Ridge. Thanks.

Mar. 29 - 2017