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VIDEO – Platinum Ogon Koi For Sale

Check out this entire quarantine tank full of hundreds of Platinum Ogon Koi.

These fish are 4 to 6 inches in length, and ready to dazzle your customers!  Contact Us to order yours today!

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VIDEO – 8-10″ Premium Select Koi For Sale

Here's a quick peek at a batch of 8-10″ Premium Select Koi coming up for sale next week.

Dealers, contact us now to order yours!

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Featured Items for Week of June 2nd

We have some very exciting live koi and goldfish items available for the week of June 2nd. Some of these are not available all the time!  Dealers, view our current Availability List.

Jumbo Fantails


For a limited time we have Jumbo Fantail for sale.  These retired broodstock fish average about 8 inches in length, and all have great color!

8-10″ Premium Select Koi


Our 8-10″ Premium Select Koi are particularly high quality this week.  A great mix including many different varieties!

4-5″ Mixed Fantails

For the first time this season, we have 4-5″ Mixed Fantails available.  This is a truly great mix, including Red, Sarasa, Calico and Red and Black Black Moor fantail goldfish!


Qualified dealers can view our Availability List or start your order.  Not a dealer?  Apply for a Dealer Account now.


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VIDEO – Huge Pom Poms on a Butterfly Koi Breeder

You will occasionally see Butterfly Koi with large growths over the nostrils, known as "pom poms".  Some hobbyists consider these desirable, while others see them as a fault with the fish.  Like many things in life, it's a personal preference.

This Yamabuki Butterfly Koi has some of the largest pom poms you are ever likely to see on a Butterfly Koi…

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VIDEO – Stripping Eggs and Milt from Butterfly Koi Broodstock

Each spring brings about spawning season at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery.  Breeders are injected with hormones and left to spawn on breeding mats (video of this process coming soon).

However a few fish do not spawn on the mats when planned.  These fish must be "stripped" of their eggs and milt, with the two then mixed together and spread into a tank to attach to the provided breeding mats.

Randy LeFever, owner of Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery, demonstrates the stripping technique on two Shusui Butterfly breeders.

Both fish are sedated with a mixture of clove oil and grain alcohol.  They are relaxed and easy to handle while sedated, but wake up quickly after being placed back into fresh water.

These eggs will hatch and grow up to become part of our one-year old crop of Butterfly Koi for 2015.  Dealers, contact us today to learn how you can provide top quality Blue Ridge Butterfly Koi to your customers!


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Introducing AAA Imported Koi

Our production of 10 to 14 inch koi has regrettably run short this year.  In order to keep you and your customers supplied with beautiful koi, we have begun importing AAA Koi from Hazorea Aquatics.

12 to 14″ AAA Imported Koi from Hazorea Aquatics

Hazorea Aquatics is a bio-secure indoor facility located in Israel.  Their strict bio-security plan is among the most stringent in the world.  We have thoroughly vetted their procedures, facility, and their fish, and we have the highest level of confidence in their fish.

AAA Imported Koi are currently available in 10 to 12 inch, 12 to 14 inch and 16 to 18 inch.  Contact Us today for more information on purchasing yours!

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Updated Koi & Goldfish Availability for April 14th, 2014

Stock up this week for the three day Easter weekend, when lots of people will be out and about shopping.  We have an extensive selection of Koi, Butterfly Koi, Goldfish and more available this week!


Skeleton Koi Skeleton Koi Mix

Standard Grade – 3-4″, 4-5″ 5-6″, 6-8″ and 8-10″

Premium Grade – 3-4″, 4-5″, 5-6″, 6-8″, 8-10″ and 12-14″

Premium Select Grade – 4-5″, 5-6″, 6-8″, 10″, 10-12″

Hikari Koi Mix – 3-4″, 4-5″, 5-6″

Skeleton Koi Mix – 4-5″, 5-6″


Comments: The 10″ and 10-12″ Premium Select Koi are especially nice with lots of great Gosanke. 

View Price List and Availability | Start Your Order


Butterfly Koi

premium grade butterfly koi fish Premium Butterfly Koi

Standard Grade – 4-5″ 5-6″ and 6-8″

Premium Grade – 3-4″, 4-5″, 5-6″ and 6-8″

Premium Select Grade – none

Hikari Butterfly Koi Mix – 4-5″ and 5-6″


Comments: The 5-6″ and 6-8″ Premium Butterfly Koi are particularly nice this week.

View Price List and Availability | Start Your Order



sarasa comet live goldfish Sarasa Comet

Red Comet – 3-4″, 4-5″ and 5-6″

Ruby Red Veiltail Comet – 3-5″ and 5-6″

Sarasa Comet – 3-4″

Premium Sarasa Comet – 5-6″ and 6-8″

Yellow Comet – 4-6″

Red Fantail – 2.5-3″

Shubunkin – 3-4″, 4-5″, 5-6″ and 6-8″


Comments: The Premium Sarasa Comet have crisp whites and unbelievable reds.  These will sell out and will not be available all spring.

View Price List and Availability | Start Your Order


Other Aquatics

golden tench live fish for sale Golden Tench

Golden Tench – 2-3″ and 4-5″

Plecostomus Catfish – 5″

Bullfrog Tadpoles

Trapdoor Snails


Golden Orfe – 6-8″

Electric Blue Crayfish

Snow White Crayfish

Water Lettuce

Water Hyacinth


Comments: Golden Tench are a new product that we have never offered before.  Fast and energetic, they can add a lively presence to any pond.

View Price List and Availability | Start Your Order


Imported Goldfish

live redcap oranda goldfish 5″ Redcap Oranda

Red Bubble Eye – 2″

Red Celestial Eye – 3″

Red & White Butterfly Tail – 2″

Calico Ryukin – 2.5″ and 5″

Red and White Ryukin – 2.5″, 3.5″ and 5″

Calico Ranchu – 3″

Calico Lionhead – 2″

Imported Black Moor – 2.5″

Imported Red Moor – 2.5″

Blue Oranda – 2.5″

Calico Oranda – 3.5″

Red & White Oranda – 2.5″ and 5″

Red Oranda – 2.5″

Chocolate Oranda – 2.5″

Redcap Oranda – 3″ and 5″

White Oranda – 2.5″

Red & White Wakin – 3″

Chinese Veiltail Shubunkin – 5-6″ and 8-10″


Comments: The 5″ Redcap Oranda, 5″ Calico Ryukin and 5″ Red & White Ryuking are all especially high quality.

View Price List and Availability | Start Your Order

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Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth Available Now

For the first time this spring, we have both Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth available for sale.  These are some large and hardy water plants, with only 50 being able to fit into a full box.

Check out our Price List and Availability for the price, or start your order now!

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Killer Big Ryukin!

We have loads of 5″ Calico Ryukin and 5″ Red & White Ryukin available for sale this week!  View our complete list of Imported Goldfish.

live calico ryukin gold fish 5″ Calico Ryukin


red and white ryukin 5″ Red & White Ryukin

These guys have high, arching dorsal fins and long and flowing tail fins.  The red on the Red & White Ryukin is deep and dark!

And don't forget, this is only a taste of all of the Imported Goldfish that we have for sale!

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pH and Ammonia – What You Might Not Know

Everyone knows that pH and ammonia levels are vitally important to the health of your koi and goldfish.  But did you know that measuring pH and ammonia tells only a portion of the story?

Commercial ammonia test kits measure total ammonia.  But it’s the un-ionized portion of the total ammonia that is toxic to your fish.  And the amount of un-ionized ammonia changes drastically as the pH changes.  

Take a look at the chart below for further explanation.

ammonia and pH chart

As you can see, an ammonia level of 1.0 ppm is harmless to fish at a pH of 7.0.  However, at a pH level of 9.0, that same 1.0 ppm of ammonia is potentially fatal.  Put another way, a given amount of total ammonia is approximately 10 times more toxic at pH 8.0 than it is at pH 7.0.

So what does this mean for your koi?  Well, it is always best to keep your pH somewhere in the range of 7.0 to 7.5, and to keep your ammonia as close to 0 as possible.  However, when your ammonia starts to rise (due to over feeding, added stock, or for any other reason) be aware that a spike in pH could turn that small amount of ammonia into a potentially fatal killer.

In the short term, elevated ammonia levels can be mitigated through water changes.  For a long term solution, consider adding additional filtration to your system.

An Aside On Ammonia and Shipping Water

You may see some dealers and hobbyists in the koi industry recommending that, upon arrival of a new shipment of a fish, pond water should be added into the shipping bag in order to acclimate the new arrivals to any difference in temperature.  We do not recommend adding pond water to your shipping bag.  We strongly discourage this practice.

But why?  It all has to do with the ammonia and pH relationship. 

While fish are packaged in a shipping bag, they release waste into the water, and ammonia levels rise.  The fish’s respiration inside the bag lowers the pH, rendering the ammonia less harmful than if the pH were higher.  By adding higher pH water (your pond water) into the shipping bag, you run the risk of increasing the toxicity of the present ammonia and in turn harming your fish.

For temperature acclimation, we recommend floating the sealed shipping bag in your pond for approximately 20-30 minutes before releasing the fish.  This is assuming that the fish appear lively and unstressed.  Fish that appear stressed or lethargic in the shipping bag should be released into the pond as soon as possible.

Dealers, download and print this article to display in your store, or hand out to your customers.